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Posts Tagged ‘Black Walnuts’

Money Does Grow on Trees

I took five barrels of walnuts to the huller this evening and cashed them in. I pretty much had too since my poor truck was suffering from all the weight. Made $30 off of them. Considering they would just rot in the yard and I would surely dull my mower blades this spring from hitting them, I guess that’s pretty good. You can’t make a living at it, but you can go have a decent dinner. (more…)

Persimmon Pulp

I gathered some more persimmons that I need to pulp. I’m trying to get enough to make at least two batches. I have several cups so far. I hope to be able to make some persimmon pudding for Thanksgiving. Neither of us have really liked persimmons in the past, but since we have some persimmon trees on the property I thought what the heck, we’ll see if making our own doesn’t improve the taste. (more…)

Black Walnut Hunting

We went black walnut hunting for the second time this season. We take the walnuts to a hulling station where we receive twelve cents per pound of walnut meat. We have a lot of black walnut trees on the property which makes it easy to gather a lot from one place. I have six 55-gallon barrels with the lids cut off. Two barrels yields approximately 100 pounds of walnut meat, or $12. We had about 150 pounds of meat last Saturday from two barrels, and today we gathered 3-1/2 barrels. We’ll go back out tomorrow and visit several more trees we know about but didn’t get to today before taking our load to the hulling station. Not a lot of money, but worth while if you have the trees. (more…)

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